Djennie Laguerre: MiniTFO Madame Bonheur
Djennie Laguerre: MiniTFO Madame Bonheur


Djennie Laguerre is a graduate of The Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting and the University of Ottawa (Theatre and French Literature).

Theatre Credits:

  • ESPOIR/ESPWA written and performed by Djennie Laguerre, Edwige Jean-Pierre et Carline Zamar a Théâtre français de Toronto production.
  • IMAGINAIRY INVALID a production of Théâtre Français de Toronto
  • *LES  ZINSPIRÉS (2012) and LES  ZINSPIRÉS (2014) – Producer le Théâtre français de Toronto
  • REZ SISTERS ( 2011 – Factory Theatre)
  • Rendez-vous Home /Lakay presented at many storytelling festivals like: Le festival Le Loup de Lafontaine /NAC, Festival Des Contes Nomades – Ottawa /Théâtre français de Toronto/ MAI, Festival Créole -Montreal / *SummerWorks-Toronto/), Des fraises en janvier (Théâtre Français de Toronto), Seventeen (Anonymous) Women (Infintheatre, Montreal).
  • Krick, Krack; storytelling from the Caribbean adapted and performed by Djennie Laguerre et Dian Marie Bridge Cric, crac Collective and SummerWorks Festivals production.

Film & TV Credits:

  • French children’s show Mini TFO/TVO
  • Flashpoint
  • Degrassi Junior High
  • GrandPa was Here


  • Leons
  • Bank of Montreal
  • Rogers
  • Subway
  • Interac
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • UBSOFT (Voice)
  • Royal Bank of Canada (Voice)

Teaching Artist

  • Present – 2003: Artist in Schools for the Ontario Arts Council with her dance, movement, theatre workshop “Mouvement de la Parole/Moving Words” since 2003
  • Summer 2015-16 Drama Teacher for Young’s Peoples Theatre Performing Arts Program. Teaching dance, movement and theatre to students from grade 3 to 12. Always creation works on themes of community, anti-violence and love.
  • February 1st – July 2011- Drama (grade 9) and Journalism (grade 12) For the Conseil Catholique Centre Sud-Ouest.
  • September 2008 – July 26, 2009 – Arts Teacher (grade 3 to grade 6), teaching musique, dance and drama for the Conseil Catholique Centre Sud-Ouest.
  • Summer 2006-20013 – Acting, dance and movement teacher at bcurrent Summer Arts program.


Recipient of the SummerWorks Spotlight Award 2008 for Rendez-vous with Home

Dora Nominations for ‘Outstanding Performance- Ensemble’ for Zinspirés (2012)

Dora Nominations for Individual Performance and Ensemble Performance for Les ZINSPIRÉS 3D.